Nathan Farber's Photography

I am a photographer as a hobby. I enjoy the beauty of the natural world and love recording it. I am hopping to one day turn it into some sort of a job on the side deal. I currently go to school at Ohio University but I am from North Carolina. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Help Conserve America and show your love for the outdoors and my blog!


Help conserve special lands around the U.S. by purchasing a “Good Old Fresh Air” sticker! Portion of the profits are going to The Conservation Fund! Only $4! Show your love for the outdoors and my blog! Thanks!

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Final Version of My Sticker: For SALE!


This is the final version of my sticker. I just put in an order for the stickers today (3/17). They are on SALE now and I will ship them the day after I receive them, which will be in two weeks. They are $4 and you can buy them on my “Shop" tab on my blog! Reblog this and spread the word!image